I notice that I feel a bit held back by the idea just to write about the subject zero waste. I have so many more ideas and experiences that I would like to share with you guys! I am still going to continue to write about my journey to become zero waste. It is an interesting one, so more about that project is coming up on this blog. And next to that there will  be so many other exciting projects and topics I would like to share with  you. Such as:

- My journey to become zero waste
- Organic Beauty products
- 'DIY guides to make your own Beauty products
- Healthy lifestyle
- Sustainability
- Much More;)

To live a zero waste lifestyle has a big impact on my complete live and all the choices that I make. For example; I have a completely different mindset on how I deal with waste than literally 2 weeks ago. I will tell you all my secrets. Well not real secrets, but they will make your live better I assure you;)


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