The choice to live zero waste is not a piece of cake. To give an example: I love coffee. I love to drink coffee at least a couple of times a day.

This is the scene that takes place at least 3 to 4 times a day: I walk to the coffee machine. I Grab the strongest pre-packed coffee pad there is. I open the wrap and the sweet smell of coffee fills my nose. Without even thinking about it, I throw the packaging over my shoulder in the bin. I put the Coffee-Pad in the machine and press the start button. Don't forget to put your coffee cup under it! And the cup fills itself with very tasty coffee, hmmmm. This is for sure one of the happiest moments of my day.

The idea alone that I have to give up this little moment of joy is something I simply do not look forward to. I cannot even think about it, because there is a voice inside my head that says, no please do not do it! I know off course that I actually CAN do it, and that it is absolute nonsense to even talk about this. But I just cannot wrap my head around it. Do I want to do this?

Also the question arrises; If I am the only person doing this in the company. What difference will it make? Where do I draw the line? I have to keep a clear vision in my head and I am going to have to adjust some of my habits one way or the other.

I have decided that if I am going 'ALL INN" in this life changing experience, it cannot limit me in any way. It also cannot be at the expense of my current standard of living. These are a lot of thoughts on coffee pads. A bit overdone don't you think? Or maybe not. Maybe the Coffee Pads are a metaphor for our western lifestyle and what we are wiling to change for a more conscious life for ourself and for our planet.


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