"Trash is about the story of things that we VALUE. "

We live in a world where almost everything around us is designed to be tossed away after an (often) very short life cycle. Because we are surrounded by so many disposable products it needs another approach than "just not use these materials", simply because they are EVERYWHERE around us and alternatives are more difficult to find. I often have the feeling that I do not have a choice and making actual changes can be a bit overwhelming.

I figured out that I need some steps to hold on to to take the pressure of a bit to continue:

1) SIMPLIFY; Realise that you do not need so many things in your life. Ask yourself, do I really need all this products? Simplifying your life gives you space to focus on things that really matter in our lives. Don't worry. It takes time to declutter.

2) VALUE; Ask yourself why are you using the materials that you are using? Try to get a relationship with the things you use everyday. Take ownership of the things that you use by putting more VALUE in your things. If we value the things more that we use it becomes more difficult to throw them away.

3) APPLY; Try to apply your new mindset into your everyday life. It will take time to change things in the bigger picture. But things will change eventually.

If we collectively start this conversation then we can collectively change the way things are designed in the first place.


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