Welcome to L I U V !

Trough this lifestyle blog I hope to Inspire you and take you with me on my journey to become zero waste. The name LIUV is spelled backwards VUIL. This means WASTE in Dutch. LIUV Personally inspires me, because when you read it, it feels like LOVE and LIVE. 

I am a full time Designer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Next to my fulltime job I am searching for more fulfilment in my life. I want to become more aware of what I can give back to the world we are living in. I want to research this step by step and slowly integrate these improvements into my daily live. 

LOVE is a very strong message to send into the world. It INSPIRES people allover the world. It UNITES people who want to share the same VALUES in live.

By this blog I want to show that if i can do it, we all can do it.

Love, Anna


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