Just as we speak I am sick as fuck. There is just no other way to describe it. I cannot move my body. I am sweating and snot is running down my nose like the Nicaragua Falls. I cannot sit up straight otherwise I have the feeling that my head will explode. So the only thing I can do is lying in my bed, hope for the best and try not to drool all over my laptop.

Yesterday I started to document my waste of 1 week. I will post my waste picture of 1 day tomorrow. Exciting huh! But I had to write this in between post as well about paper towels. My nose is dripping and I am using a paper towel every 5 minutes. So after one day there is a pile of paper towels next to my bed. I saved you from this vision by taking this more abstract picture of the paper towels, but you can see the picture in your mind.

"This is so wrong" I started to think. Normally I wouldn't even think twice about this. But now I feel literally guilty of the pile of paper next to my bed. Not only because of the amount of paper, but I realise that I am not using recycled paper either.

Half way the day, when I find the strength o come out of my bed I change the paper towels for a dishcloth. Talking about the effect my current mindset about zero waste already has on me. 


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