I am in dubio. I started this blog being super excited. But now, almost a week later. I start to doubt if this (to become zero waste) is something for me? I mean, it should not be a matter of choice. It is something that everyone should do. I also think that everyone will be more conscious in lets say ten years from now. But right now, for me it feels like I still have a choice. Somehow I am not so excited anymore as the day when I started this blog.

It is interesting that I have this conversation with myself right now, because I know this is exactly why other people are not living the zero waste lifestyle (yet). I am not going to write down my arguments of not completely doing it, because I do not say I am never going to do it. I am just going to slow down the process and see were it will bring me.

I can only do what feels right for myself. I will definitely go on with analysing my life and make small changes every here and there. I believe change is always a good thing.

I will write on this blog not only about zero waste, but also about my personal journey to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.


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